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Weekend Ideas: Memorial Day Edition

Weekend Ideas: Memorial Day Edition

Annnnnd another week has come and gone- time to get the weekend started! I’m extra excited about the holiday weekend coming up… I have friends coming into town and am SO ready for some fun and relaxation. In case you need some inspiration for making your weekend extra-fantastic, here are my suggestions for an awesome Memorial Weekend!


To do:

Play lawn games! There’s a reason these games are classic- because they are really fun. Go for horseshoes, croquet, bocce, or -my personal favorite- cowboy horseshoes (aka ladder golf). Bocce and cowboy horseshoes are super portable and easy to play anywhere, even on the beach. (Plus, those are both one-handed games, so you can hold your drink in the other hand- score!)

Photo credit: Gold + Silver Bocce Set from Hayneedle.com


To drink:

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling the need to try this Bourbon Vanilla Root Beer Float. Talk about decadent…. and what’s better than a not-your-everyday-cocktail-ice cream-drink-dessert to celebrate a holiday weekend!!

Photo credit: heathercristo.com


To do:

Eat breakfast outside. Bonus points if you have something special and out-of-the-ordinary. If you’re an early riser, take advantage of the extra morning sun and nice temperatures and have a leisurely cup of coffee and a croissant or pastry from a bakery or coffee shop. Or enjoy your day off, sleep in, and fix a big ol’ bloody mary, breakfast burrito and hashbrowns (invite some people over if you’re feeling ambitious!). Or, fix a fancy breakfast for two and picnic it somewhere scenic with your significant other. Mimosas, small pastries, little quiches- lots of options!!
Photo credit: a sunny afternoon

I hope everyone enjoys their Memorial Weekend! Be sure to let me know if you tried anything new and fun….

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