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3 Super-Easy, Almost-Free Ideas for Wall Art

I love switching up artwork and pictures around the house. It’s a great way to refresh a room and it’s so nice to give yourself something new to look at. Art doesn’t have to be expensive (and I’m not talking about those self-painted ‘abstract’ canvases they always used to do on HGTV)… Here are 3 fun, cool art ideas that are so easy, you’ll probably have time tonight to do all three.



1. Frame a greeting card

A lot of cards these days are little works of art, so why not treat them that way? You can get cards anywhere, but you’ll probably have the best luck finding pretty/cool/interesting ones at specialty stores or places like Paper Source or Hallmark. Keep it simple with a basic frame and mat (get inexpensive ones at Target, Ikea TJ Maxx or Walmart), or get crafty (and add some color/pattern/texture) with scrapbook or wrapping paper instead of the regular old mat. Try a grouping of similar styles, or a small card inside an oversize frame and mat.

2. Simple Type Prints

You see these prints everywhere on Etsy, Pinterest, and in cool-girl house tours. Song lyrics, inspirational quotes, cute love notes- printed in simple block type and framed. This is probably the absolute easiest thing I’ve ever done, and I’m kind of super excited about how it turned out. I literally spent less than 10 minutes…. I typed out a favorite lyric, (I used Illustrator, but you could also use Word, Powerpoint, Photoshop, etc.), printed it out, put it on a clipboard, and propped it on my shelf. That’s it! It gives a bit of nonchalant cool-factor, plus I now constantly have the Beastie Boys stuck in my head- totally a good thing. If you felt like getting slightly more complex, you could actually frame it, or use colored paper. Get creative! Type out your wedding date, the latitude/longitude coordinates of your home, a poem, the alphabet… the possibilities are endless, and you have an opportunity to create something with meaning just for you. Win-win!


3. 3-2-1 Contact (Paper)

This is definitely the most complex of the three ideas, but it’s still super simple. You’ll need foam core (I like the all-black version- I think it looks more high-quality), and contact paper. White on black is always cool, or go with a colored or patterned contact paper. I was slightly obsessed with this wood-grain variety for a while, so that’s what I used. Basically, you’re just cutting a shape out of the contact paper and sticking it onto the foam core. The difficulty lies in what you decide to cut out. I printed a large “2″ (tiled on four sheets of paper), traced it on the contact paper and cut it out. You could do numbers, letters, shapes, leaves, free-form designs, silhouettes… Again, the option is there to create something that has meaning for you! Or not- you could just print out a big number two because you like the way it looks:)

Does anyone else have any genius ideas for inexpensive art? Let me know in the comments!


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