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Weekend Ideas

Weekend Ideas

Happy Friday everyone! I’m starting a new little blog series called Weekend Ideas… after a long, cold winter indoors, I’ve been itching to get out and DO things, and I’m feeling the pressure to make every spare minute count. While I always have a project idea list a mile long, sometimes when I actually do get free time to myself I have a hard time coming up with fun things to do. Laying around in the sun is definitely nice sometimes, but my goal for 2014 was to get out and see and do and live. I thought other people might have the same problem I do, so each Friday I’ll put together a short list of ideas for the weekend. Things to do, make, try, see, eat, watch… whatever. So without further ado, here are my ideas for this weekend.


To eat:

I’m going to try these homemade fudgesicles. They’re even pretty healthy- score! Seems perfect for the hot weather we’ve been having, and I love a good sweet ice cream treat.
Photo credit: Chocolate Covered Katie

To do:

Go on a bike ride. By yourself, with a friend, with a group, whatever works! Maybe you can bike to Sunday brunch, head to your local farmer’s market, or throw your bike in the car and head to a trail or park. It makes getting wherever you’re going just a little bit special, and lets you feel like you have all the time in the world to get there. Perfect for the weekend….
Photo credit: none-found on pinterest and no link :(

To watch:

The Preakness! I know this is an indoor activity, but horse races are pretty fun to watch. Get a group together, pick a horse (my friends and I always pick solely based on the names), pretend-bet (or actual-bet if you’re a high-roller…), make some mint juleps (check out my very best mint julep recipe here), and cheer on your steed to victory. Tune in Saturday afternoon.
Photo credit: Sports Illustrated

Enjoy your weekend everyone! Anyone else have fun plans? Hopefully my little list will get you started!

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