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Village Yoga




Project Details

Website Development

Village Yoga is a small boutique yoga studio in Duck, NC. They wanted a website that captured their style and helped bring in both local and tourist business in a seasonal location.




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Client Remarks

“Brooke of RightLeft Studio took our vision and literally perfected it in our site. We weren’t 100% sure what we wanted the site to look like but we did know the colors, patterns, and functions. We met with Brooke only a few times to express our ideas and before we knew it a website we could have only imagined was up and running! Our website is the backbone of our business and because of Brooke’s creative touch and efficient work ethic we don’t have to worry about having any problems or concerns with our site. As our business grows Brooke continues to keep our site up to speed so that we can focus on other responsibilities. In a growing market, we are so grateful for Brooke’s talent and eye for original detail. Our web presence not only gets us recognized, but also captures peoples’ eye so that they must come visit us. If you are looking for a unique, cost-efficient, and visual pleasing website then there is no one better than RightLeft Studio.”
- Jessica and Katie, Co-founders Village Yoga