rightleft studio | 3 summer movies to watch (or rewatch) asap
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3 summer movies to watch (or rewatch) asap

3 summer movies to watch (or rewatch) asap


1. Shag / 1989
Pair with: Girlfriends, cheap wine + Twizzlers
shagIt’s the 60′s. It’s Myrtle Beach. It’s the high school graduation roadtrip. It’s friends and boys and dancing and troublemaking. You’ll be left quoting this movie in your best extreme southern accent (ie. “the Seh-nator’s dahh-ter does not undress in a gas-o-leen stay-shun.”) Pure summer movie perfection….

2. Stand By Me / 1986
Pair with: The friends you’ve known since you were 8, a case of PBR + cherry flavor Pez
standbymeYes you’ve probably seen this movie before (and if you haven’t, a. where were you in the 80′s?? and b. go netflix it, like now…), but is there a better I-remember-when-I-was-a-kid-and-went-on-adventures-with-my-friends movie? Be forewarned: it may inspire idealistic friendship pacts, extreme childhood nostalgia and plans for a camping trip….

3. The Endless Summer 2 / 1994
Pair with: A homemade outdoor movie screen, a keg, and a bonfire
endlessIf you didn’t grow up near a beach in the mid-90′s, there’s a good chance you’ve never seen or even heard of this movie. (And if you did grow up near a beach in the mid-90′s, there’s a good chance you watched this movie in school 4 or 5 times…) Don’t let the fact that it’s a surf flick turn you off if that’s not your thing- it’s really a travel documentary with some awesome surfing and likeable characters. Throw in Bruce Brown’s silly, entertaining, quotable narration; some good early-90′s beach fashion; an African safari; and some howler monkeys, and you’ve got a recipe for summer movie awesomeness.
Side Note: Bruce Brown’s original Endless Summer (1969) is also awesome- it’s a totally different era, but if you’re liked this one I would definitely check it out… different characters, same narrator, same idea.


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